Commercial Building Contractors: 7 Things You Should Look For

At Arpi’s North, we are proud to work with some of the finest contractors and commercial builders in Edmonton. Throughout our over 50 years of experience, we have accumulated cost control and systems management of some of the largest, and most complicated commercial construction projects in Edmonton and across Western Canada.

We specialize in developing and implementing mechanical system designs, and we know that to complete any commercial-scale project, we can not work in a silo and must collaborate across trades and alongside contractors to accomplish the larger goal. That’s why we pride ourselves on vertically integrating our operation with the commercial project team, from engineering to construction. As the scope and functionality of projects differ, Arpi’s will partner with the consultants that have a proven track record of success on the specific project needs. By focusing on the partnership’s strengths, we provide our clients with the integrity, knowledge base, and peace of mind they need from their experts across their respective fields, to realize the best outcomes for all involved.

After all our years of experience, we have a pretty good idea of what to look for when it comes to a good commercial construction company. Keep reading to learn what we look for in a good partner when taking on commercial construction projects in Edmonton.

Strong Communications Skills: A good commercial contractor will be an excellent communicator. As a commercial contractor, not only should they be able to effectively communicate with the client, but they should also be able to communicate with all contributing trades and contractors. The contractor is the captain of the ship, and they must be able to articulate the logistical details of a project to everyone.

Organized: Projects big and small have countless moving parts and require specialized personnel for different elements of projects. An organized contractor will not only give the client peace of mind but will save money by not wasting time or resources because of personnel or logistical confusion.

Testimonials: Always do your research before hiring a commercial contractor. If the contractor has no testimonials or refuses to provide examples of previous clients, partners, or projects, this is probably a red flag. Make sure you know who you are signing on with; commercial projects take time and close relationships to complete.

Certified or Licensed: Commercial contractors are required to hold a variety of different licenses and certifications. When you are considering working with a commercial contractor or commercial construction company, it is not unreasonable to request proof of these certifications.

At Arpi’s North, we would never ask anything of a commercial contractor that we, ourselves, would not provide. We pride ourselves on being strong communicators that are organized, and our strong client testimonials and previous work are proof of these qualities. We are certified and licensed to work across Western Canada and are proud to share these qualifications on our website.

To learn more about how Arpi’s North can support your next commercial construction project, please visit the contact us page.