Metal Fabrication

Fabrication Capacity

Our fabrication plant has the capacity to prefabricate and spool mechanical piping (heating, cooling, and domestic) up to 60″ in diameter with only transportation and site logistics as limitations to the overall size. These prefabricated spools adhere to all required codes and conditions, including ABSA Quality Management System registration # AQP-2281.

Our HVAC fabrication facility is one of the most technologically advanced in Western Canada. We have the capacity and expertise to create the required products for application in any material necessary. Our ductline core machine can produce a completed length of rectangular duct in less than 20 seconds. Our spiral equipment produces round duct of any required length, up to 102” in diameter. Our angle roll machine and market-leading lock forming equipment makes our fabrication facility in Edmonton second to none. We have provided services for over 40 years, bringing a great deal of skill and experience to any job site, and are able to deliver a variety of services from stainless laboratory applications, to black iron kitchen exhaust ducts, to large-diameter ventilation ducts installed hundreds of feet above grade.

We have fabricated and prefabricated modular components of rectangular duct to sizes of 120″ x 120″ and round diameter duct and fittings of 102”, to complete ASHRAE and SMACNA standards, without nearing our fabrication capacity.

BIM, Modular and Fabrication Processes

 BIM is not just a 3D model. It is a process that utilizes the 3D model to produce efficiencies in the construction process to save money on materials and labor, improve constructability and improve the quality of the installation. Arpi’s North uses this process with our entire construction team to provide a high-quality final product to meet or exceed project requirements and expectations.

Arpi’s North is one of the most technologically advanced mechanical contracting companies in the country. Over the last decade we have developed BIM procedures and practices for use in all aspects of mechanical construction from conflict interference, to system and equipment layouts, to piping and ducting pre-fabrication to final installation and start-up. We have a full-time modelling staff that starts the process providing the model and isometric drawings for shop fabrication of both duct and piping systems including modularization of equipment packages. All our projects where practicable are done using BIM from design to installation.

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