Cannabis Grow Facilities

Cannabis Grow Facilities

With the legalization of cannabis, many Canadian businesses and institutions are looking to capitalize on this exciting growth market segment. Arpi’s North is proud to be a leader in facility-specific HVAC systems for closed environment greenhouse cannabis production.

A commercial HVAC system is a key component for any commercial cannabis facility, so it is important that it is optimized efficiently and effectively. Accurate and highly technical climate control systems ensure that facilities maintain and support optimal growth conditions for cannabis production. Tailored environments with controlled ventilation and air exchange promote sustainable growth profiles and crop management while protecting your investment.

Temperature and humidity are both important considerations in cannabis grow facilities. To increase the chances of a success yield, facility operators must keep the ambient temperature within a specified range. This means operators must factor in the heat that grow lights produce, which fluctuates depending on a plant’s growing stage. If the temperature is too high, the plant may become more susceptible to problems such as root rot, spider mites, and wilting; if the temperature is too low, the growth – and perhaps even life – of the plant may be affected.

Humidity must also be controlled; this is especially important when the plant is flowering when grow lights are on for 12 hours a day. Approximately 70 per cent of transpiration happens during this time, making humidity control a vital consideration. Too-high humidity can spur mold and fungal growth, while too-low humidity can impact quality and yield. An improperly sized dehumidification system can be the difference between strong, healthy plants and plants that fail to thrive.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for cannabis grow facility HVAC systems and your needs today may not match your needs tomorrow. It’s important to keep future growth in mind: as the industry expands, so might your operation. Therefore, unit size and quantity are also important – not only for your business today, but for your business tomorrow.

Arpi’s North can create a custom approach to control the humidity and temperature in your cannabis grow facility to help produce a superior product that conserves energy and saves you money. Ready to grow? Let Arpi’s North be your commercial cannabis production partner. Contact us today!

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